Community Support

The Port of Port Angeles strives to create and participate in a thriving community in Clallam County. The Port accomplishes this goal by fee waivers, the Community Partner Program, Maritime Festival and the John Wayne Marina Waterfront Day. Please learn more about these efforts below...

Fee Waivers

Port of Port Angeles Commission Resolution 17-1156 encourages the use of Port facilities for appropriate public activities do not interfere with the day-to-day operations of the Port or its tenants and customers. The Executive Director is authorized to negotiate reduced fees for Port sponsored events and activities where the Port is not an active participant or events/activities of non-profit organizations which promote tourism, promote the use of Port facilities or benefit the citizens of Clallam County.

Please view the Current Waiver List to see examples of fees the Port Commission has recently waived in support of organizations in Clallam County.

Please complete our Application for Use of Port Facilities form to request a fee waiver from the Port.  

Community Partner Program 

There have been some significant changes to the Community Partner Program for 2022!  Please check out the changes below...

The Port of Port Angeles’ 2022 Community Partner Program offers matching funds of up to $70,000 for use in eligible economic development projects, education projects, community events, and tourism promotion projects in Clallam County, with $10,000 of that being allocated to environmental stewardship programs.
  To be eligible, the applicant must be a public or non-profit group or an incorporated or unincorporated small city of no more than 10,000 residents.


Tourism Promotion Project:  A tourism promotion project attracts non-Clallam County residents to Clallam County to partake in the tourist event, program or activity.

Community Event:  A community event is a local event or activity which may attract non-Clallam County residents.  A community event must provide the Port the opportunity to educate and market the Port to the event attendees.

Education Project: An education project will identify, evaluate, and/or provide exposure to local needs and opportunities in the areas of workforce training, vocational outreach and/or career education for Clallam County residents in manufacturing and the skilled trades.

Economic Development Project:  An economic development project promotes the creation and/or retention of jobs and the growth of household incomes in Clallam County, through the development of new industry and trades or through the expansion of existing industry and trades, including trades that rely on the use of Port properties and facilities.

Environmental Stewardship Project:  An environmental stewardship program promotes environmental
improvements through projects such as watershed management and habitat protection (RCW 35.21.278; RCW 53.08.255). Environmental stewardship projects require, by statute, a 3:1 cost-share match by the applicant.  A match may include, but is not limited to, volunteer time at a predetermined rate (including participants’ time), in-kind donations, and cash donations or grants acquired during the project.  The Port has restricted this program to the following qualifying applicants: Non-profits and Tribal entities only.

FirefighterskillsHow It Works

The Board of Commissioners determines the total funds available in any calendar year. For 2022, $70,000 will be available for eligible projects and events.  No more than 33% of the funds will be for tourism promotion projects and community events.  The remaining 67% will fund education and economic development projects.   

The application window will open on September 1, 2021 and close at 5:00 pm on September 30, 2021.  Following the solicitation period, Port staff forward all eligible proposals to the Board of Commissioners by the first Commission meeting in October.  The Board will then award funds to the most worthy proposals, no later than December 1, 2021. 

The number and value of individual awards may vary from year to year depending on the selections by the Board of Commissioners, available funds and the proposals submitted.  Each successful applicant then has until the end of the 2022 calendar year to spend the project money and submit supporting documentation to the Port of Port Angeles for reimbursement. 

Application and Policy


To learn more about the Community Partner Program, please view the current Community Partner Program Application
and the Community Partner Program Policy.