Port of Port Angeles Airports

The Port owns and operates two airports:  William R. Fairchild International Airport (CLM) in Port Angeles and the Sekiu Airport (11S) in the Clallam Bay/Sekiu area.


Fairchild International Airport serves a wide variety of private, business and charter airplanes and helicopters.  The main runway is 6,347’ x 150’ in size and can accommodate aircraft weighing up to 115,000 pounds and has an Instrument Landing System precision approach (ILS) on runway 8 along with a GPS approach on runway 26.  The airport has more than 800 acres of property, with 690 acres in aeronautical use and 110 acres in the airport industrial/business park.


The Sekiu Airport is a general aviation facility geared for private airplanes, helicopters and charter flights. It has a 2,997’ x  50’ lighted runway with a visual approach slope indicator (VASI).  There are no fuel services or airport office at the Sekiu Airport.


Scheduled Commercial Air Carrier Service

 Currently there are no commercial scheduled airline service into or out of Port Angeles or Sekiu.  For “on-demand” charter service to cities around the Pacific Northwest please contact Port Angeles based Rite Bros. Aviation at 360-452-6226 or

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Port Angeles FY21-23 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Attachment